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Sub-Zero Marine Maintenance

Marine appliances refer to the various electronic and mechanical devices that are used on boats and other watercraft. These appliances, such as refrigerators, ovens, and air conditioning units, are not fundamentally different from the appliances commonly used on land. However, one significant difference is the limited space available on watercraft, which can pose challenges for installation and operation. Marine appliances must be designed to fit within the tight confines of a boat or ship and often require specialized installation procedures, to ensure safety and reliability in a marine environment. Despite these challenges, modern marine appliances are increasingly sophisticated and capable of providing many of the same convenience and comforts, as their land-based counterparts.

The kitchen or galley is a vital part of any yacht or house boat. It is very important to ensure that the Sub-Zero appliances in the galley, are functioning efficiently to keep the party going and provide meals for you and your loved ones during your sea voyages. To guarantee the proper functioning of your Sub-Zero appliances, it is essential to rely on authorized refrigeration maintenance services. We offer top-notch Sub-Zero refrigerator maintenance services in South Florida and nearby regions, ensuring that your galley's refrigeration needs are taken care of professionally.

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