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Ice Maker Repair 

Life without ice is possible in Alaska but not in South Florida, where it is a necessity in the hot and humid climate. Our team of ice maker repair and maintenance experts are available to assist you, with any issues you may have with your ice maker. We offer same-day service to ensure that your drinks stay cool, even if your ice maker stops working. Whether your ice maker is built into your freezer or is a standalone unit, our specialists have the expertise to get it back to working order. Ice makers, are self-contained units with their own motors. The built-in ice maker uses the refrigerator for the water inlet valve during its operating cycle, while standalone units perform all their functions independently.

If you are looking for ice of superior quality and cleanliness, the Sub-Zero ice maker is the top choice compared to other brands. Despite being a high-end product, it is still subject to wear and tear over time. To ensure its longevity, it is important to properly maintain and handle your ice maker and have it serviced by a licensed expert.

Our company has everything you need to get your ice maker back in working order. We offer top-notch repairs, thanks to our team of highly skilled professionals who are equipped and ready to fix any damage to your ice maker. Whenever your ice maker stops producing ice, you can count on us to be there quickly with the solutions you need, to repair and maintain your unit efficiently.

Our specialists are here to provide you with the best solution for your Sub-Zero ice maker issues. In case of an emergency repair need, hiring our professionals is the best decision to make. We guarantee that your Sub-Zero ice maker will be functioning smoothly again in no time.

Common issues:

  • There is not ice however it seems like it's working.

  • It does not work at all.

  • Ice cubes are also tiny.

  • There are specks in the ice cubes.

  • The ice scents bad.

  • The light is out.

  • It is dripping water.

  • Defrost issues.

  • Icing up too much.

  • It bangs.

  • The free-standing freezer really feels hot on the outside.

  • It takes also long to make ice.

  • Low water pressure.

  • Defective thermostat.

  • Malformed ice cubes.

  • Water leaks 

  • Slow ice cube production.

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