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Ice Maker Repair 

Life in South Florida demands a working ice maker! Our experts provide same-day service to keep your drinks cool. Whether built-in or standalone, we fix all types of ice makers. Count on us for efficient repairs and maintenance. Trust our skilled team to handle any issue with your Sub-Zero ice maker. We ensure quick, reliable solutions, so your ice maker runs smoothly again. For emergencies, choose our professionals for the best results. Enjoy cool drinks with our expert service!

Common issues:

  • There is not ice however it seems like it's working.

  • It does not work at all.

  • Ice cubes are also tiny.

  • There are specks in the ice cubes.

  • The ice scents bad.

  • The light is out.

  • It is dripping water.

  • Defrost issues.

  • Icing up too much.

  • It bangs.

  • The free-standing freezer really feels hot on the outside.

  • It takes also long to make ice.

  • Low water pressure.

  • Defective thermostat.

  • Malformed ice cubes.

  • Water leaks 

  • Slow ice cube production.

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