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Freezer Repair 

When it comes to fixing a freezer, there are several potential problems that may need to be addressed. This could include replacing a damaged compressor, fixing a faulty condenser, upgrading an ineffective metering device, or servicing the evaporator. To properly resolve the issue, it's important to accurately diagnose the cause. For this reason, it's recommended to seek the assistance of local appliance repair professionals, who have the expertise to quickly repair your freezer. These specialists have a deep understanding of the internal workings of a freezer, which is crucial in identifying and fixing any issues.

We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with malfunctioning appliances. If you’re experiencing any of the following matters, please do not hesitate to reach out us: the freezer is not working at all, the automatic defrost function is not working, it is not cooling, the door won’t stay closed, the gaskets need to be replaced, it's cooling poorly, it's completely frozen, it's leaking, it's makes noise, it doesn’t cycle off, or there's power to the freezer but it still isn’t operating. Our specialists are trained to handle all of the issues and more. They can adjust the thermostat to ensure the interior temperature is stable, replace seals, check the wiring, and even revive your beloved appliance back to life.

These are challenging times and freezers have not evolved much in recent years. There's no need to waste money on a brand new appliance when a fraction of the cost is the repair. We are here to help you avoid the loss of all your frozen food. Contact a trusted Sub-Zero appliance repair company, to quickly and easily resolve any problems you may be experiencing with your freezer.

You can prevent unwanted defrosting by using our Sub-Zero freezer repair service. Cleaning your freezer is important, but if you suddenly defrost and your frozen items are spoiled, it can be costly. If your Sub-Zero freezer stops working properly, don’t hesitate to give us call. We can fix it on the same-day.

Our team has years of experience in the industry and always provides high-quality services to our clients. Our process involves inspecting the unit to identify any issues and then finding the best solution to repair it. We are committed to restoring your freezer quickly and at a reasonable cost. Our skilled professionals have the expertise to repair all types of freezers, regardless of the brand or model. No problem is too small or complex for our experts to handle.

Common issues we often find with freezers are:

  • Erratic cooling or breakdowns.

  • Defrost issues or ice ups.

  • Error codes and service messages.

  • Loud noises and vibrations.

  • Door seal issues and door stuck shot.

  • Filter replacement and maintenance.

  • Freezer not turning on.

  • Over-cooling.

  • Over-frosting.

  • Freezer not cooling.

  • Inconstant temperatures.

  • Door seals damaged.

  • Unusual noises in the unit.

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